Booths + Vendors

Would you like to join the Camp Flea team? We welcome all vendors who share a passion for the antique/vintage industry and are willing to uphold our simple store mission:

Camp Flea Antique Mall is committed to curating authentic items for our guests that focus primarily on antiques. It is Camp Flea's desire to offer selective and unique antiques, primitives and vintage pieces that tell a story and provoke a visually stimulating experience through display and design.

To be considered, potential vendors may fill out a Camp Flea Vendor Application Form and supply several pictures showing the type of antiques that are to be offered. Camp Flea requires at least 75% of wares to be antiques or vintage items that are no later than the 1970s time era. Used or newer home decor, clothing, crafts, food and garage sale items are not acceptible. 

Booth spaces vary in size and availability. Typical size range from smaller 4 x 4' booths to larger 12 x 14' spaces and up. Locked display cases for rent are also offered. Monthly rent prices and commission are determined at the time of application. Please come in and visit with our store manager to find the best fit for your needs. 

Call 417- 581-2575